Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:44 pm
by JasonPratt
Incidentally, insofar as Jesus is to be identified as the YHWH seen by various Biblical characters (including David), of which this is one example (since the angel of YHWH seen by David here is also regarded as seeing YHWH), the angel of destruction who brought the plague would have been Jesus pre-Incarnate. (Or post-Incarnate, operating backward in time with the resurrected body.)

That means the horrible frightening "angel of destruction" which has sometimes been regarded as Satan going about his duties as chief executioner (or whatever), is the same Jesus Who gives Himself in sacrifice to save sinners!

So for example (and I'm trying to phrase it so our unitarian members can also pick up this concept and run with it) the angel of destruction who slays the first-born sons in the final plague in Egypt, is (at least in a literary sense) the same Only-Begotten of the New Testament Who so loves the whole world that He voluntarily gives up His own life to pay for humanity's sin.


Mind. Blown.