Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:58 am
by Cindy Skillman
Disclaimer: I seldom read anything this long unless it's on my kindle or perfect bound or sewn together. Not fond of reading on and on on the computer. So, as much as to say, I barely skimmed it.

But . . . just from Paidion's and Jason's analysis, it sounds a bit like CS Lewis' version of hell in The Great Divorce. Only that can't work if everything is to be summed up in Jesus -- unless we expect Him to carry around an irritating and unattractive pustule in His body forever and ever -- which I can't see happening. It's got to be either Anni or EU, and EU has far more of logic and scripture to recommend it, not to mention the healing of YHWH's heart (and all of the rest of our hearts, too).

As someone else here so aptly put it, if you can't cure Ol' Yaller, then of course you have to put him down, but if you put him down when you could have cured him, well, you ain't my kinda folks. ;)