Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:32 am
by corpselight
i'll have to read that thoroughly later, but a flaw i can pick up on is this: who, given the wonderful love of God shown fully to them, could ever resist? it's love: what we all crave deep down, from the most wicked to the most "righteous".
this still implies that God's love "fails" on some level...that what He desires (FULL reconciliation...not just an end to hostilities (which might actually renew if this view is possible)) is unnattainable, even for Him. and yet we are told that Love NEVER fails.
it's easy to spot people who want nothing to do with God. but their view of God is totally flawed! ours is too, but we've had a preview of that love that ends all conflict. they too will see it one day, fully, and they won't be able to hold onto their preconceptions or arrogance anymore.