Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:21 pm
by LLC
Hi Farlsborough, welcome to the forum. I've read your post. You've presented some good food for thought. Yet looking at this story from a different point of view, it may also reveal another truth. Had Joseph's brothers been busy with the Lord's work instead of being filled with jealousy and greed, they could have been preparing themselves for the famine that eventually came upon the land. But instead, they were caught unprepared and thus turned to man to solve their problems. In this they were deceived. They ended up giving away all that they had, their lands and livestock, selling themselves and their children into slavery for only temporary sustenance. This was a big price to pay for what they got in return. It's how one is no longer the head, but becomes the tail instead. And so it was that the Lord had to save them in the Exodus. As you mention, the same theme is repeated throughout the bible, for example in the story of Jacob and Esau as well.