Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:29 am
by Holy-Fool-P-Zombie
Some more questions for you.

    "Orthodox" depends on what statistical group is doing the judging. And upon your "frame of reference". If you ask indigenous people, sweat lodges are orthodox. To Buddhists, meditation is Orthodox. Even to those in the scientific community, meditation is orthodox. The Eastern Orthodox has a form of meditation called Hesychasm. And Catholics and Anglicans use the Keating's centering prayer. What is your frame of reference, to determining something is "non-orthodox"?
    You cite one professional friends opinion. Does his opinion necessarily represent a majority viewpoint, as determined by statistical polling?
    Obviously, I know what Pascal's wager is. But I was referring to a bet - like Pascal made. Not necessarily the content.
    And what "exactly" did i say on "mind altering drugs"? I said I neither endorse - nor object to - authentic Native American peyote and Ayahuasca ceremonies, performed by the appropriate indigenous people. As long as such ceremonies are in accordance with the federal laws, of the host country. After all, these ceremonies have been going on for thousands of years - long before Columbus arrived on the scene. And many healings have been reported. The only other "mind altering drug" I would would feel comfortable with, is medical cannabis. Provided it's done by a licensed medical doctor, with the blessings of the American Medical Association and the federal government.
    You cited Freud and his group of disciples, along with their corresponding theories. But each theorist and follower of Freud - no matter how brilliant (I like Jung the best - by the way), had competing theories. And none were in agreement with each other. But have you done a comprehensive search, on what experimental psychology and statistical analysis, has to say on feelings and how they affect reality?