Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:49 am
by Holy-Fool-P-Zombie
No, Michael - I don't refer to you, as the prophet. That person no longer belongs to this group (or if they do, it is under another name and personally).

Our medical and psychological diagnostic systems are not perfect. And each person can be an expert or sounding board. For an approach to disease, I might consult a Native American medicine man or woman, conventional medical doctor and a homeopath. And it wouldn't be contradictory, to work with all these experts.

And if medical tests can't reveal a disease cause, i might consult an expert in Oriental Pulse Diagnosis or a medical intuitive.

And i would refer a person to talk to seminary trained and ordained clergy - on theological matters, academic professors with a PhD in philosophy - on philosophical matters, trained and licensed counselors, therapists and psychiatrists - on psychological matters and licensed medical doctors - on disease matters.

Now the experts and I, might see things differently. The theologians - for example - might say don't hang around the Native American, spiritual healing practices and ceremonies. Don't practice Zen and Mindfulness. And don't emulate historical figures, in the Holy Fools traditions. Even if these things bring fresh light and depth, to traditional Christian theology.