Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:06 am
by Holy-Fool-P-Zombie
Michael: let me briefly respond to some of your statements:

Michael wrote:Hi Jason.

Let me start with where I disagree with you (and it's not because I'm mentally ill.)

Mental illness is based upon statistical models, from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , used by mental health professionals. It takes a qualified professional (someone with the right degree, training and passing the approximate board licensing exams) to evaluate a person and match a diagnosis, to a corresponding category. Neither Michael nor Jason are qualified to do that.

Michael wrote:
I write this mainly for the benefit of those who may be reading along, and may be struggling with grief themselves.

Are you familiar with Grief Share, which is facilitated at various churches, in the US and around the world?

Michael wrote:You say
Value is always a personal judgment, and requires a person to be doing the valuation.
If something has real value, it would have that value even if no one could recognize it.

A Monet is still beautiful in a room full of blind men, and a Beethoven piano sonata is still beautiful in a room full of deaf men.

I remember a Star Trek, Next Generation episode. Wolf had somebody in a bar, play a Klington opera piece. To a Klingon, it was beautiful. I thought it was horrible. But Spock or Mr. Data could probably correctly argue, it had intrinsic value - in and of itself.