Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:26 pm
by Robert
Hey Daniel- I would say i am asking about all 3 of the areas you mentioned. I have come a long way, much as you shared or maybe it was MM, to believing Ur and the ultimate triumph of love by the Holy Spirits working in me. I maintain the right to be wrong as i do about anything lol I think i am most wanting to pursue more discussion on the third point you asked about. Rob Bell titles a book *Love Wins* and it got panned and attacked by christinas mostly for being heretical and denying orthodoxy. I have posed my question about repentance dealing with this issue as central. Will God truly save everyone, even if they either xhoose to resist or for some reason find themselves unable to believe and repent?? I find many it seems who hold to UR would say no, nbut then that is not really UR. If there is no hell and God's love is unescapable like Tom Talbotts book title says, how then can anyone be eternally lost?? I am curious as well, why God allowed so many verses within the Bible to give the notion of eternal separation from Him as genuinely a real fate if it is not. Just more attempts to deal with these issues from a slightly different slant