Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:55 pm
by Daniel (Da Pilgrim)
Thanks Cindy for that excellent exegesis (or should I say eisegesis) of Corinthians.

Hi Midas, interesting points and points that many of us wrestle with.

IMO God is the greatest form of good. He is the greatest form of good because he is not only good, but is anti-evil. If God is anti-evil, then for evil to have any meaning, and for God to demonstrate that he is anti-evil, then evil must exist. God is completely good because out of the existence of evil, He will have victory over it.
A taste of good is often greater after an experience of evil. Take the song Amazing Grace for example. There would be no such thing as amazing grace (or grace at all) if evil did not exist! Also, Jesus said it is far a greater love to love your enemy than to love your friend (Luke 6:32). Without evil, there would be no enemies.