Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:43 am
by GhostHorizon
Language...what is it? Why did it originate? What does it do? What is the relationship between language, mind, and world? is John 1:1 'in the beginning was the Word'? 'In the beginning was the Speech'? 'In the beginning was the Discourse'? Why does the Vulgate say Verbum (Word) rather than something rooted in Dicere (to speak), and what impact might this have had on Western Thought?

I am interested in any of your thoughts on these questions or related others, as well as any sources you might recommend. As for me I am mostly stupefied, struck dumb by mystery. You see I lived for years with what I might call the Thomist Imperative, since to be saved in Catholic thought involves - but is not exhausted by - affirmation of concepts, dogmatic concepts to be precise. Of course, this seems to me to demand a certain position with respect to the cognitive status of language. In short, I always assumed that Christianity involved linguistic realism. Now that I am broadening my conception of salvation, also a plethora of new possibilities regarding language has appeared/is appearing...Platonic, Eastern, Apophatic, Postmodern, Romantic, Heideggarian, etc etc. So I welcome any thoughts, any words, and hope that they might be preceded by the fruitful silence in which the Logos might uncover something of the truth.

PS I am not particularly talking about God-language - i.e. verbs and nouns predicated or negated with respect to God - and not even particularly theological language, but language in general...normal language, poetic language, mystical language, and any sort of language whatsoever.

Blessed be the Logos! Can one say Makarios ho Logos, or is there a subjunctive or something else needed? (excuse the script!)