Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:46 pm
by Michael
Cole H. wrote:
how could God's bringing you into existence be a gift?

Because I didn't deserve it. Life is a gift.

You don't have to deserve something that has no value, and by your logic no state of existence has any value when compared to non-existence.

And for something to be rightly called "a gift" it would have to have value.

So how can life be "a gift" by the logic you're defending here?

Cole H. wrote:
hWhen you say they have nothing in common, aren't you making a comparison?

That seems to be the paradox. When we do that though there is no way to say non-being is better than being for they have nothing in common.

If life is a gift, I believe there must be some way to say that being is (or can be) better than non-being.

Cole H. wrote:
Do good and evil have anything in common?

Yep. They are both real.

Actually, Augustine said that all evil was the privation of some good.

So (at least according to St. Augustine) evil is not "real" in the same sense good is.